To find out more information about membership; e-mail us at info@gschorale.orgor telephone us at:    (856) 858-9322
Schedule: Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm from September through mid-June. Additional rehearsals on Thursday nights and/or Saturday mornings are added starting in January if required; attendance at these extra rehearsals is dependent on an individual's role and involvement in the May production.
Attendance Policy: Attendance is required at 3 out of every 4 consecutive scheduled rehearsals. Excused absences due to illness, work, or personal emergency are permitted, but are still subject to the 3-out-of-4 rule. The Board of Governors is regularly notified of any members who become delinquent in rehearsal attendance, and their participation in upcoming performances is then at the discretion of the Board and the Director. Absences should be called in to the president prior to the rehearsal. Changes in rehearsal scheduling due to weather or other considerations will be communicated via a telephone chain.
Logistics: Rehearsals start on time at 7:30 pm. Please arrive early if you need to pay dues, turn in tickets, or take care of any other administrative needs before 7:30 pm. (Early rehearsals are sometimes announced.)
Committees: All members are asked to actively participate on a minimum of one committee during the year. A list of active committees is distributed at the beginning of each season.
Internal Auditions: Only individuals who have been members of the Chorale for at least one year are eligible to audition for lead roles in the May Broadway show. However, new members may try out for smaller roles.
Financial Responsibilities - No expenses can be incurred by Chorale members, on behalf of the Chorale, without prior approval.
Dues: Annual dues are $95.00. They may be paid in any increment, as long as 2/3 of the total ($64.00) is paid by January 31st and the other 1/3 is paid by May 1st. Dues typically are collected on the first and third Tuesdays of each month before rehearsal. Dues for members joining after December 31st will be $47.50.
Music Deposit: A $5.00 music deposit is required of every member before receiving music. The deposit is carried over from year to year. Music should only be marked lightly in pencil, and must be erased and returned after each concert series. Specialty black music binders are available from the Chorale for a nominal fee. These binders are for specific concert performances only and should not be used for everyday rehearsing.
Ticket Sales: If required by the Board all members are assigned a minimum number of to any combination of performances, per year. Each season ticket sold counts as three tickets towards a member’s ticket minimum. If a ticket minimum is not imposed all members are encouraged to sell as many tickets as possible. Tickets for each concert series are distributed to members prior to each event. More tickets may be requisitioned prior to rehearsal and during rehearsal breaks. Unsold tickets, sales records, and ticket monies must be returned prior to or promptly following each concert series. Members not meeting any applicable ticket minimum will be charged $10 for each ticket not sold.
Fundraising: Members are asked to solicit for season ticket holders, ads in the program book, music sponsorships, and other donations to the Chorale.
Concert Attire: Members are financially responsible for all concert attire and costumes for the any production. The Costume Committee will work with everyone to help obtain costumes and, in some cases, concert attire. Any members who face a hardship in furnishing their own attire or costumes can speak privately with the President for relief or help.
Schedule: Concerts are announced to members as far in advance as possible. There are at least three major productions each season:
  • Holiday Concert-generally first/second weekend in December
  • Winter Concert-generally first weekend in March
  • May Broadway Show-first two weekends in May
We also schedule shorter concerts of the entire group, or of a smaller selected group, for various retirement communities or civic functions. Advance notice is given as far out as possible.
Attendance Policy: Every member is expected to participate in everyperformance. If a performance must be missed, absences must be discussed in person with both the President prior to the performance. Remember, however, that if a member misses more than 25% of the performances for the season, he or she is subject to loss of membership at the discretion of the Board.
Concert Attire:
  • Ladies
    • full-(floor) length black skirt; slit, if any, no higher than the knee
    • Chorale-selected long sleeve white blouse *
    • black shoes (closed toe) and black hosiery
    • red sash *
    • gold cummerbund *
    • regular dress or skirt and blouse for informal concerts **
    • Chorale Sweatshirt ***
    • Chorale golf shirt ***
    • Attire must be approved in advance by the Costume Committee.
    * Items available for purchase through the Chorale.
    ** While choice of style will be left to your discretion, standards of good tatste should be adhered to.
    *** Items available for purchase through the Chorale if required.

    Note: Attire must be approved in advance by the Costume Committee.
  • Men
    • black jacket and pants
    • long-sleeve, white tuxedo shirt
    • long-sleeve white shirt
    • black bow tie *
    • red bow tie *
    • red cummerbund *
    • gold bow tie *
    • gold cummerbund *
    • black shoes and black socks
    • regular coat and tie for informal concerts
    • Chorale Sweatshirt **worn with black pants
    • Chorale golf shirt **worn with black pants
    * Items available for purchase through the Chorale.
    ** Items available for purchase through the Chorale if required.
    Note: Attire must be approved in advance by the Costume Committee.
Broadway Show: Members are expected to provide their own costumes. However, the Costume Committee works with everyone in designing and obtaining costumes where possible. Specialty costumes will be coordinated by the Costume Committee.
No expenses can be incurred by Chorale members without prior approval.

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